Trailer and Winch Solutions Ltd

 Cable Drum / Reel Trailers and Cable Laying Equipment

Trailer and Winch Solutions Ltd. are a manufacturer and supplier of Cable Laying Equipment and Cable Pulling Accessories. TWS offer equipment and services direct to contractors, DNO’s, the hire industry and electrical wholesalers alike and have further partnered with an independent business for that B2B e-commerce experience – Cable Laying Equipment and Supplies

 As a global business, TWS Ltd offer supply chain solutions to the Cable Laying Industry, Cable Jointing, Overhead Line, Power Distribution Networks and the Telecommunication Industries.

Cable Rollers

We are now back fully stocked again with Cable Rollers, after a long wait for diablo rollers, our straight line rollers, manhole rollers, lead in rollers, roller rope guiding surface and bellmouth rollers are all all available for purchase

Cable Roller

This week see's our first substantial order of the new plastic cable laying rollers for LV & HV cable pulling going out to our European partners together with 100's of galvanised cable stockings and non-conductive cable grips, cable drum jacks and cable drum...

Cobra Rods

This week sees us shipping cobra rods out to Europe prior to the Brexit deadline. Our sales on conduit snakes have accelerated to Ireland and France . We are making hay whilst the sun shines as the 1st of Jan approaches with bulk orders of cable laying equipment hits...

Cable Drum Jacks

Our traditional screw jacks are still the most popular form of cable drum handling equipment. Cable drum jacks are an essential piece of kit for all cable laying applications. Our mechanical jacks range from MJ3 3 tonne to the MJ8 8 tonne and have square bases for...

Cobra Rods

Today 25000 mtr of high quality European Cobra Rod arrived, with so many poor quality Conduit Snakes arriving from the far east these days, its reassuring to know that our duct rods are are still fitted with high quality helically wound glass fibre reinforced epoxy...

Cable Rollers Special Offer

We are building so much cable laying equipment right now in the UK, cable rollers are proving popular but are never sure what the customers will buy, we can not keep pace with sales of corner rollers,  manhole rollers and our standard SLR4 straight line roller. We do...

Cylindrical Duct Brushes

With the requirement for duct proving becoming a crucial part of cable laying applications, our range of duct equipment grows with it. We have introduced new products including pipe stoppers, blowing tees, blue rope etc and expanded existing ranges including pulling...

Plastic Cable Rollers

Trailer and Winch Solutions Ltd have launched a new range of plastic cable rollers. The range includes our traditional straight line cable rollers with a nylon diablo roller replacing the steel one as well as a fully moulded all plastic ground roller which is half the...

Pulling Rope for Cable Pulling

Trailer and Winch Solutions Ltd. are now stocking a new range of Blue Rope and Pulling Bonds. The range includes an economical Blue Rope for pre installing into ducts and heavier pulling bonds for winching applications.

We are pleased to show this Resprayed and Serviced Trailer

We are pleased to show this 2770Kg PAYLOAD CABLE DRUM TRAILERIt has been resprayed in work yellow and has been subjected to a full service For all your trailer needs give us a call