BT Cable Lubricant 2A (Model Number: TWS BTCL2A)

This is a water based thixotropic lubricant which reduces friction during installation of cable and sub-duct. Containing high viscosity silicone polymers and perfectly spherical microspheres, it is the market leading lubricant and the only product which conforms to British Telecom specification MAT 138A



To date no other competitor product has met this demanding specification

It is non-toxic, non-flammable and has no physical or chemical effects on cable sheath or sub-duct


For pulling and blowing this lubricant may be poured directly onto cable. Pre-charging subduct can be accomplished with a lubricator pump. Lubricant should be added continuously during the pull


PWL 9702A can be cleaned up with industrial detergents and large amounts of water


PWL 9702A is available in 20 kilo HDPE containers


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