Cable Drum Lift Frame (Model Number: DLF1)

The DLF1 Drum Lift Frame is suitable for a range of Drum diameters upto 1600mm. Particularly useful in cable yards, the frame is simply rolled into position, the tipping section released and the drum is lifted using the canter lever paddock stand principle which automatically clips safely back into the “park” position. This is the only tip stand that actually works, operates safely and does what so many others fail to deliver whilst at the same time dispelling the historic nickname “chin whackers” due to the safety features


• Tubular and steel section construction with solid spindle
• Capacity 1500Kg
• Max drum size 1600mm
• Min drum size 520mm
• Drum Width 800mm
• Size 173cms x 113cms Wide x 98cms High*
• Weight 60Kg
• Zinc plated/galvanised finish

* The unit knocks down to fit pallet for ease of transportation.

In addition to the above, TWS Ltd can design and manufacture Drum Handling Equipment including Hydraulic Drum Lifters and Jack Towers to suit you specific Drum sizes and weights upto a maximum of 50,000Kg, contact our sales team for further information and a quotation


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