Clamping Quadrant Roller (Model Number: HR4)

The HR4 clamping roller can be clamped without tools to beams, trays or racks. Also by removing the clamp part it can be bolted directly down to unistrut or trays etc. Fitted with a hinged gate and knurled nut, cable can easily be extracted. The cable roller is suitable for cables up to 60mm diameter with a weight capacity of 100Kg

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HR4 Clamping Quadrant Roller


• Heavy duty tubular steel construction
• Hinged gate for cable extraction
• 2 off steel diablo rollers & 2 parallel rollers
• Sealed precision roller bearings fitted
• Zinc plated finish
• Size: 15.5cm long x 5cm wide x 22cm high
• Weight: 6Kg


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