Manhole Lifter (Model Number: Arnold MK1 Compact)

Arnold Mk.1 compact is designed to allow a single person to safely remove and replace a variety of manhole, duct and trench covers. It has a safe working load of 125kgs. The effort required to manually operate the equipment is minimal.






Features and Benefits

The device is designed to dismantle into a compact size making it easy to store and transport. It can also be manoeuvred or carried in its storage mode and has reflective livery so it can be seen at night.

The pivoting bearer beam with jacks at each end allows the lid to remain horizontal during the removal and replacement process.

There are a variety of stock lifting keys available for use with most covers encountered in the UK. However should you have a specific key requirement then this can be easily manufactured and supplied.

The wheels are 260mm diameter with pneumatic tyres allowing the device to be travelled across a gravelled surface.

{note: the device is not designed to travel across rough terrain whilst fully loaded}

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