Quadrant Lead In Cable Roller (Model Number: MR5)

The MR5 manhole cable roller leads the cable from the drum into the jointbox/manhole, onto cable trays or out of the manhole. The roller is suitable for cables up to 90mm diameter. This can also be used on its side as a corner roller

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MR5 Quadrant Lead In Manhole Entry Roller




  • Heavy duty tubular steel construction
  • 4 off 90mm diameter aluminium rollers*
  • Oil impregnated maintenance free bushes fitted
  • Zinc plated finish
  • Size: 50cm long x 15cm wide x 50cm high
  • Weight: 10Kg

* The aluminium roller can be substituted with a solid steel roller (MR5S) when using wire winch bond thus preventing damage

TWS are proactive in product development and enhancement and as such the specifications are subject to alteration without prior notice


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