Cylindrical Duct Brushes

Cylindrical duct brushes are used to effectively clean dust, silt and debris from ducts and pipes. The nylon bristle type has a polypropylene core and nylon bristles for the toughest of cleans whilst protecting the duct walls. The nylon brushes have rotating eyes and are 350mm long overall. The wire pig brush is mainly for metal or concrete ducts and aggressively removes the toughest of debris, these have fixed eyes. For the most difficult of routes, we can supply half brushes or articulated types. Nylon brushes can be made to any size, standard units are listed below

Download Spec Sheet – Duct Brushes Spec Sheet – TWS Ltd




Model No. Brush Diameter
CDB57 57mm
CDB80 80mm
CDB86 86mm
CDB95 95mm
CDB100 100mm
CDB108 108mm
CDB125 125mm
CDB150 150mm
CDB165 165mm
CDB175 175mm
CDB200 200mm
CDB240 240mm
CDB250 250mm


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