Pipe Stoppers & Blowing Tees


Expanding pipe stoppers (also known as drain plugs or bungs), are used for pipes and ducts with sizes ranging from 3/4″ (19mm) to 26″ (660mm). They are manufactured from nylon, aluminium or pressed steel and are used to facilitate testing, blowing ropes in, cleaning or simply to block the duct end to prevent contaminants or wildlife entering the pipework. Pressed steel stock sizes are listed below.

Blowing tees allow 7mm drawrope to be blown into the duct using either a foam pig or parachute. The drawrope passes through the back of the tee (or via a specially modified stopper where larger rope is required) and the air flows through the pitcher tee with connection via a standard claw coupling. Tee’s fitted on bungs up to 6” have a ½” outlet (RBT1), 7” and over have a 1” outlet (RBT2)


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