Foam Pigs

Foam Pigs are used to clear dirt and excess water from pipes

Available in sizes 2″ – 18″ in diameter, these can be supplied with plastic drive plates and wire tow ropes or solid tow bars

Download Spec Sheet – Foam Pigs Spec Sheet – TWS Ltd


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Foam Pigs are used to remove fine debris or fluids from ducts. They are fitted with a leather drive plate on one side and are generally pushed through a pipe using air or water pressure. When ordering, state the inside diameter of the duct, pigs are supplied larger in diameter to give adequate squeeze. Pigs can also be fitted with a steel wire tow rope or solid tow bar to allow them to be pulled through a pipe or for a draw rope to be blown in using a blowing tee. The tow bar version allows for multiple pigs to be supplied with 1 bar giving flexibility whilst saving cost


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