Duct Proving Mandrels (Model Number: DPM)

Duct Proving Mandrels are manufactured from Polypropylene and are fitted with steel rotating fixing eyes at each end

All mandrels are made to order and as a rule the diameter should be 10% smaller than the duct and the length is 1.5 times the diameter, the standard sizes listed are maximum values and can be machined to your requirements

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DPM Duct Proving Mandrels – TWS Ltd



Standard sizes are

DPM1– 43mm
DPM2– 70mm
DPM3– 79mm
DPM4– 83mm
DPM5- 95mm
DPM7- 105mm
DPM8- 110mm
DPM9- 115mm
DPM10- 122mm
DPM11- 142mm
DPM12- 202mm


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