Roll on Cable Drum Rotator (Model Number: DR2)

The recently improved DR2 Heavy Duty Cable Drum Rotator is suitable for a range of Cable Drum diameters upto 1200mm. Drums are simply rolled up the ramp onto the adjustable rollers to allow it to spin freely.

The drum roller is now suitable for drums of upto 700mm wide and has 4 lateral roller guides (was 2) to help prevent twisting of the drum

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DR2 Roll On Cable Drum Rotator – TWS Ltd



• Pressed/rolled steel construction
• 76mm Diameter heavy duty zinc plated rollers
• Precision sealed roller bearings fitted
• Capacity 750Kg
• Max drum size 1200mm
• Min Drum Size 300mm
• Drum Width 700mm
• Zinc plated finish
• Base Size 70cms Long x 75cms Wide
• Weight 29 Kgs

In addition to the above, TWS Ltd can design and manufacture Drum Handling Equipment including Hydraulic Drum Lifters and Jack Towers to suit you .

Specific Drum sizes and weights upto a maximum of 50,000Kg, contact our sales team for further information and a quotation


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