ABC Winch

(Model Number: ABC Winch)

A hydraulic overhead line winch offering a constant pre-set pulling force at variable speed. The pulling force is applied to the rope by a pair of bull wheels. The rope is then wound on to the rope drum by a layering arm.
Alternatively a split drum can be fitted for recovery of scrap conductor. These built-in options make this machine particularly suitable for installation of ABC, 11kV and 33kV cables and overhead conductor recovery without any modifications.
The vertical arrangement of the bull wheels makes winding on the rope more convenient and the bull wheels are covered during operation for additional operator safety



Drive: Variable hydraulic double bull drive wheel with oil filtration and overload protection.

Engine: Four Stroke Petrol Honda GX390 with recoil start.

Pulling Force:1000kg

Max. Speed: XXX m/min.

Controls: Adjustable pre-set load limit with gauge.

Direction selection.

Variable speed.

Emergency stops.

Robust chassis with anchorage legs and single axle road suspension.

UK road legal lighting.

Overall Length: 2350mm

Width: 1440mm

Height: 1360mm

Weight: 460kg. Including rope drum and rope.

Rope Drum: Included

Split Drum: Included

Rope: 400m Paracor included.

Road Wheels: Fitted with 155-80 x 13 “N” rated tyres.


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