Cable Puller (Model Number: AC2500)

The newly designed CABLE PULLER provides the perfect solution to installing long or heavy lengths of cable in difficult locations. It reduces the manpower hours required to meet installation deadlines, and is safer and faster.


• Dual capstan heads
Will haul up to 2500kg and 1500kg
• Two speed options
According to the capstan head selected
• Easily transportable on site
Using either the removeable wheels or carry
• All round tubular frame
Strong and makes it simple to hold by attaching
restraining straps to the shackles provided or using
ground stakes t.hrough the intergral side lugs
• Foot controlled
For efficient control – leaves the hands free for
cable spooling
• Cable storage reel
• Case hardened gear train for maximum efficiency
• High efficiency heavy-duty ball bearings on all
running surfaces
• Overload protection ensures automatic shut down
• Electromagnetic spring-applied fail safe brake
• Rugged high power induction motor to ensure

Recommended rope option –

Ropes are sold separately – variable lengths as required.
A High Strength Double Braid Soft Rope ideally suited to these machines.
10mm, 8 strand Polyester core with 16 plait cover. Minimum breaking strain 2160kg
The special properties of this rope makes it ideal for cable pulling applications – easy to handle, very flexible and easy to knot


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