Cable Pull Assist Winch (Model Number: CPA 1000)

The pull and assist winch is a multipurpose machine used for the installation of power cable, telecoms cable and subduct plus can be utilised for pre-installing winch bonds in ducts and trenches. The unit can be positioned at the end of the pull or at a mid section to assist on  longer pulls. The machine is fitted with a 760mm diameter single capstan and an additional rope take up drum.


Winch Specification

Engine Electric start petrol 13Hp (diesel optional)
Capacity 500Kg (760mm Capstan)**
Display Console mounted load indication gauge
Control Adjustable relief for load limit pre-set
Rope speed 54mtr/min
Capstan 760mm (swivelling)
E stop Fitted at the capstan to facilitate one man operation

**  As an optional extra, the unit can be supplied with an addition 375mm capstan for pulls of upto 1000Kg @ 25mtr/min


Gross Weight 750Kg
Type Single Axle
Brakes Overrun auto reverse
Lighting To EEC regs
Finish 2 Coat Commercial Standard


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